Books and E-Readers

What to do with books and e-readers

Fortunately, there are several options for recycling and reusing books in the Kansas City area, depending on the type of material and its condition.

A pile of books

Donation and resale

Books and e-Readers that are clean and in good working order can be sold to used book stores, donated to libraries, or donated to thrift stores or donation drop boxes.

Recycling paperback books

Unusable paperback books can be recycled curbside and at Kansas City metro area recycling centers.

Recycling hard bound books

Unusable hard bound books (damaged books, textbooks, reference books, etc.) can either be disposed in the trash, or pages can be torn out and recycled and covers/spines disposed in the trash.

Where should it go?

Find a recycle spot

Where can you recycle, donate or safely dispose of books and e-readers in the greater Kansas City area? Search our database.