Food Waste

Food scraps in a compost bucket

What to do with food waste

In the Kansas City metro area there are many great options for keeping your food waste out of the landfill by composting it instead.


Food waste can be composted through the following curbside services: Compost Collective KC, Food Cycle KC, and KC Can Compost. Subscription fees apply.

Drop off

Food waste can be composted at the following drop-off locations: Compost Collective KC (bin swap program), Urbavore Urban Farm, and KC Can Compost (compost drop-off program).


Food waste can be composted at home through a backyard compost bin, vermicomposting, or bokashi composting. Please note: meat, cheese, eggs, bones and shells (egg shells okay) should not be composted at home. Home composting does not get hot enough to compost these items, they will smell and draw pests.

Where should it go?

Find a recycle spot

Where can you recycle food waste in the greater Kansas City area? Search our database.