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Use RecycleSpot's auto-complete function

Our system matches exact items and keywords to locations. If you begin typing a material, RecycleSpot will attempt to find materials that match what you are typing. 

Use a ZIP Code

ZIP Codes will help display the most relevant locations for your needs.

Our coverage is limited to the Kansas City metro area which includes the following Missouri counties: Platte, Clay, Ray, Jackson and Cass, and the following Kansas counties: Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson, and Miami.

If you live outside the Kansas City metro area, we recommend contacting your city or county government, or solid waste planning agency to find recycling options near you.

Try a keyword or category

There are lots of synonyms for items, and not all synonyms are in our database. Try searching for "toilet" instead of "commode."

Categories are set up as a catch-all for many items. So instead of searching for "rice cooker," try searching for "small appliances."

Is it recyclable?

If it's not in our database, your item might not be recyclable. Here are some common items that can't be recycled. Learn why on our How to Recycle pages. 


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