Shredded Paper

What to do with shredded paper

Shredded paper is not recyclable curbside or at recycling centers in the Kansas City area. Recyclers don’t want shredded paper because their facilities aren’t set up to process it. 

The only locations that can accept shredded paper are Casco (Harrisonville, MO) and Ideal Industries, Inc. (Richmond, MO).

Shredded paper in a wastebasket

How to shred smarter

Here are the best ways to deal with paper that you need to shred and want to recycle.

Only shred private info 

Rip off and shred only the parts of documents that contain private information: credit card numbers, bank account information, or Social Security numbers. Throw the rest in your recycling bin.

Use a shredding service 

Most office supply stores including FedEx Office Print & Ship Center, Office Depot / Office Max, Staples, and The UPS Store provide shredding services for a fee and will recycle what they shred. Many communities offer paper shredding events for their residents. Check with your community or visit Events to find out about paper shredding events near you.

Use shredded paper for another purpose

If your only option is to shred paper at home, consider reusing it as a packing material, animal bedding, or putting it in your backyard compost bin. Otherwise, dispose it in the trash.