Plastic Bags and Film

Plastic grocery bags

Recyclable bags and film

The following types of plastic bags and film are recyclable:

  • Grocery and retail bags
  • Plastic mailing envelopes
  • Newspaper sleeves
  • Air pillows and bubble wrap
  • Dry cleaning bags 
  • Bread and bun bags
  • Ice bags
  • Overwrap on products like paper towels, diapers and bottled water

These items can be recycled at Lowe’s, Target, Walmart and most local grocery chains.

Non-recyclable plastic bags and film

Non-recyclable bags and film include snack wrappers, cellophane, coffee bags and prepared food pouches. These items should be disposed of in the trash.

These items are not recyclable because they are made with multiple types of materials/plastic resins that can’t be separated.

An empty candy wrapper