Pressurized Tanks (Propane Grills, Camping, Helium)

What to do with pressurized tanks

Pressurized propane tank, helium tank

Propane barbecue grill tanks

Empty barbeque grill tanks can be exchanged for full tanks at retail tank exchange locations.

To recycle an unusable tank without getting a refill, you can drop it off at a tank exchange location and write "recycle" on it with a permanent marker.

Some scrap metal dealers will accept BBQ tanks for recycling but require special preparation to ensure they’re empty, always call first.

Camp stove tanks

1-lb. camp stove tanks are accepted by your local household hazardous waste program.

Helium balloon tanks

Both 9.5” and 12.5” helium balloon tanks are recyclable at scrap metal dealers or at a Kansas City area recycling center.

Please follow these steps to ensure your tank is ready for recycling.

Where should it go?

Find a recycle spot

Where can you recycle or safely dispose of pressurized tanks in the Kansas City area? Search our database.