Glass is not accepted in curbside bins, but there are many other options available to recycle glass in the greater Kansas City area. 

Not Recyclable


The following types of glass are not recyclable in the Kansas City metro area:

  • Leaded glass (windows, old crystal, etc.)
  • Light bulbs *
  • Mirrors
  • TVs
  • Laminated glass (windshields, skylights, etc.)

Not Glass

The following items are not recyclable because they are not made of glass:

  • Ceramic
  • China
  • Corelle
  • CorningWare
  • Porcelain
  • Pyrex

* Fluorescent light bulbs are the one exception: fluorescent tubes, circular, U bend, compact fluorescent, etc. are accepted at Batteries Plus and at your local household hazardous waste collection program.

Only compact fluorescent (CFL), the “squiggly” type, are recyclable at Lowes and Home Depot.

A candle in a glass jar

Candle Jars

Glass cosmetic jars

Glass Cosmetic Bottles and Jars

A glass bowl with a lid

Dishware and Unleaded Crystal

Glass bottles and jars

Glass Bottles and Jars