Wyandotte County Recycling & Yard Waste Center (WYCO residents only)

Thurs. - Sun., 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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(913) 573-5000 3241 Park Dr. Kansas City , KS 66102
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Special Instructions

Materials accepted for free.

Wyandotte County residents only. Proof of residency required. No commercially generated yard / landscape waste will be accepted. Does not accept limbs or stumps larger than 12 inches in diameter or more than 4 feet in length. Please recycle right: no plastic bags or film, keep items loose (do not put in bags, etc.), rinse all containers (plastic, metal, etc.), put caps and lids back on plastic bottles and containers, flatten boxes, no food, no liquids, collect metal caps and lids in steel (tin) can and squeeze shut before recycling. Do not put boxes, bags or trash bags in glass bins, only glass. Labels can stay on bottles and jars. Leftover wax is okay in candle jars. Does not accept any other types of glass (mirrors, TVs, light bulbs, windshields, safety glass, fiberglass) or glass-like items (ceramic, china, porcelain, crystal, milk glass, Pyrex, Corningware, Corelle).

Materials Accepted

Sour Cream Tubs
Cream Cheese Tubs
Glass Food & Beverage Containers
Deli Containers
Brush / Woody Waste
Deli Trays (no Styrofoam)
Lawn Care Waste
Aluminum Cans
Food Storage Tubs
Aluminum Foil
Peanut Butter Jars
Tin / Steel Cans
Mayonnaise Jars
Junk Mail
Fruit Cups
Magazines & Catalogs
Yogurt Cups
Milk Cartons
Phone Books
Juice Cartons
Leaves / Brush
Broth Cartons
Soup Cartons
Holiday Trees
Wine Cartons
Christmas Trees
Office Paper
Cardboard Boxes
Cardboard Cartons
Paperboard Boxes
Glass Bottles (food & beverage containers)
Paperboard Cartons
Glass Jars (food containers)
Boxes (cardboard)
Cartons (cardboard)
Boxes (paperboard)
Cartons (paperboard)
Cartons (paper: food & beverage)
Wax Cartons (paper: food & beverage)
Fruit Cans
Paper Cartons (food & beverage)
Vegetable Cans
Wrapping Paper (no shiny or foil paper)
Soup Cans
Gift Wrap (no shiny or foil paper)
Pet Food Cans
Egg Cartons (rigid plastic)
Egg Cartons (cardboard)
Paper Towel Tubes
Toilet Paper Tubes
Plastic Bottles
Bottle Caps (plastic)
Plastic Tubs
Bottle Caps (metal)
Plastic Jars
Decorative Tins
Plastic Cartons
Tins (decorative)
Plastic Takeout Containers (no Styrofoam)
Mason Jars
Plastic Caps
Cups (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Plastic Lids
Bowls (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Plastic Blister Packs
Plates (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Plastic Clamshells
Paper Bags
Plastic Cups
Paper Sacks
Plastic Cannisters
Envelopes (paper)
Plastic Planting Pots
Paper Envelopes
Plastic Planting Trays
Serving Dishes (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Soda Bottles
Drinking Glasses (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Soft Drink Bottles
Jars (glass, food & beverage only)
Pop Bottles
Bottles (glass, food & beverage only)
Water Bottles
Juice Bottles
Aerosol Cans (empty, make no hiss sound)
Milk Bottles (plastic)
Aluminum Pans & Trays (disposable)
Drink Bottles
Yard Waste
Ketchup Bottles
Candle Holders (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Catsup Bottles
Glass Candle Holders (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Mustard Bottles
Vases (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Condiment Bottles
Decorative Glassware (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Shampoo Bottles
Glass Decorations (glass only, no ceramic, porcelain, etc.)
Detergent Bottles
Cosmetic bottles / jars (glass only, no plastic)
Yogurt Tubs
Plastic Bottles & Containers (#2 HDPE)
Butter Tubs
Plastic Bottles (#1 PET)
Margarine Tubs
Plastic Bottles (#2 HDPE)
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