Recycling in Your Community

Most of us think recycling is something we do at home or work, but there are many other opportunities for you to recycle in your community.

We can help!RecycleMore-atWork-(1).jpg

Take the guesswork out of starting or improving recycling at your child’s school, your place of worship, where you volunteer,
or where you relax and have fun by joining Recycle More At Work. This free program provides what you need to make recycling
a success in any type of venue.


Recycling on the go

Whether you're running errands, shopping, or taking the kids to soccer practice there are several wayscarTrash-(1).png you can make sure things get properly recycled:

  • Use public recycling bins - Look for them along streets, in parks or at public
    festivals or events — usually next to trash cans.
  • Keep a small bag or bin in your vehicle – This will help you keep your vehicle
    clean and allow you to easily recycle when you get home.
  • Use durable shopping bags – They’re sold at most grocery and big box retailers,
    and you can use them hundreds of times for the one use you get out of disposable bags.
  • Use reusable mugs and bottles - Instead of buying your beverage in a disposable cup
    or bottle, use reusable mugs and bottles instead.


Promote recyclingMARC-RecycleSpot-magnet-Presentation.png

You can raise the recycling bar where ever you gather with friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers by telling them about, Kansas City’s one-stop spot for recycling information. magnets and Recycle More, Recycle Better fliers are available for you to share. For more info, send us an email.


Volunteer at a recycling center

Bridging The Gap, who manages the Kansas City Community Recycling Centers, needs volunteers to help sort materials, educate patrons and keep the centers clean.


Set up special event recycling

Bridging The Gap’s Green and Litter-Free Events program provides recycling bins, bags and other resources to help reduce waste at your block party, school carnival, church fundraiser, or community festival.


Join a committee

Want to provide input or direction on how recycling and solid waste services are offered in your community? Many local cities and counties have a citizens' solid waste/sustainability advisory committee. These working groups can help communities improve their solid waste services by providing valuable feedback from the residents' point of view. Contact your community to see if a citizen committee or task force exists; if not, talk to representatives in your city or county government about organizing one.

Potential topics to address:noun_Meeting_100942-01.jpg

  • Contracting – Many communities find they get better service for a lower price by contracting
    for solid waste services versus private subscription, i.e., having residents subscribe individually.
  • Pay As You Throw (PAYT) – By setting limits on the amount of trash a resident can set out,
    but allowing them to set out unlimited recycling a PAYT system encourages waste reduction and recycling.
  • Outreach & Education – Communities can improve resident satisfaction and increase recycling by
    implementing a recycling outreach campaign. Campaigns can utilize community websites, email blasts,
    social media, postcards, utility bills, newsletters, door hangers, etc. to get the word out to residents
    on how to recycle more and recycle better. We can help you get started!


Participate in local events

There are a number of collection events and special days where you can recycle more and recycle better:

For more info, visit Upcoming Events.