America Recycles Day — Nov. 15, 2017

Image of the American Flag made up of recyclable materialsAmerica Recycles Day (ARD), held every year on Nov. 15, is a national campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and buying products made with recycled materials. Each year, the MARC Solid Waste Management District (SWMD), in cooperation with local governments, businesses and nonprofits, promotes the regional celebration.

This year we encourage you to Recycle More by taking  these actions:

  • Improve your curbside recycling with the "Recycle More, Recycle Better" flier (Download 11" x 17" or 8.5" x 11"). It tells you what to put in your curbside recycling bin and what not to put in your bin. And while you’re at it, send the flier to your Kansas City metro area friends, family, co-workers and neighbors so they can do the same.
  • Visit "What Do I Do With…?" – From TVs and paint to batteries and “wax” cartons, you’ll learn that most of your trash is not trash at all, it is in fact recyclable, reusable or compostable. 
  • Attend a recycling event
  • Follow us on Facebook and TwitterYou’ll get the latest on recycling tips, trends and special events.
  • Get your organization to join Recycle More At Work – Recycle More At Work is a free program that provides public, private and nonprofit entities with consultation to help set up or improve recycling programs, resources that focus on increasing awareness and participation, and public recognition for their recycling efforts.
  • Get youth involved: These ARD kids’ activities are designed to encourage children to be more involved in recycling.
  • Take the America Recycles Day pledge.
  • Buy recycled-content products: You’re not truly recycling unless you are buying recycled, i.e., “closing the loop.” A recycled product is a product made in whole or in part from material recovered from the waste stream. Recycled-content products are comparable in price and quality to products made from virgin materials. Buying recycled-content products creates long-term markets for recyclable materials.
    When you shop, look for:
    • Products that can be easily recycled.
    • Products that contain recycled content.
    • Products with the highest post-consumer content.

For more information, contact Matt Riggs at 816-701-8313.